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Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) (Sacramento/Rocklin)

We are located in East Sacramento and Rocklin. We are proud of our amazing team of dedicated and highly skilled dental professionals. The office is fast paced, exciting, rewarding and fun! We are seeking a team oriented Registered Dental Assistant to work 4-5 days per week. The right candidate should love working with people and pride themselves on providing excellent care. Must be accountable, responsible and self-motivated. X-ray license is required. Knowledge of Dentrix and Dexis is a plus. Benefits are included.

RDA Job Description

Chairside skills:

  • Assisting prep procedures
  • Completing setups for each op
  • For prep appts make sure you have diagnostic waxups and 2 suck downs as part of setup
  • Make suck downs, custom trays, and bleaching/ fluoride trays
  • Assist in taking photographs
  • Upload and edit photographs for consults (you have 10 minutes to upload and edit)
  • Pre-exam interview: listen to patient’s chief concern, dental history, and medical history
  • For treatment consults have patient’s photos up on lap top in the op (make sure screen is clean on laptop), as well as skull model and book
  • Make well-fitting and esthetic provisionals: You will practice on models until ready
  • Implants: screw impression copings and custom abutments
  • Take facebows and accurate impressions
  • Take x-rays when needed
  • Hollow/ adjust dentures
  • Apply tissue conditioners (soft reline)

Computer skills:

  • Dentrix software: clinical documentation, implant parts tracking in clinical notes and treatment appt.
  • Dexis x-rays
  • Excel worksheet knowledge
  • Light Room photograph editing
  • Basic Apple laptop knowledge (for uploading and importing photos)

Communication skills:

  • With patients: Take time to address their concerns and questions. Let them know that you will have me address any concerns if you are unsure. Always report any patient questions and input to me. Always be professional, calm, and focused on the patient.
  • With referring dental offices: Remember patients always belong to the primary dentist (general dentist) and I am part of that dentist’s specialty team that provides comprehensive care.

Organization skills:

  • Track lab cases
  • Duplicate waxups and make suck downs
  • Implant inventory: organize, keep track and order parts needed, place them in cases when needed to send to lab, document implant specs in Dentrix
  • Attachment inventory: bredent, rhein, ERA, hader clips: gold and metal housings/ plastic inserts, place them in cases when needed to send to lab.
  • Photographs: upload, flip, and edit in laptop, document in "patient notes" in their family file that photos were edited.
  • Document location of all pretreatment models, working, and waxups in clinical notes
  • In office bleaching: confirm that consents have been signed
  • Store pre and post treatment models of patients whose treatment has been completed. Some cases need implant working models to be kept; check with me on each case. Document all cases in the Excel sheet

Tracking lab cases:

  • Sending cases to lab:

    • Cross check lab slips to make sure you are sending the complete case to the lab: implant parts, diagnostic waxups, attachments, opposing, bite registration, facebow. If photographs need to be emailed, please email them.

  • Checking in cases back from lab:

    • Open case and make sure the lab has completed the rx properly. When in doubt, have me check it. Until you feel confident, have me check it.
    • Documentation: enter in patient appointment when case checked in and where it is stored. If patient does not have next appt, document in clinical notes. Enter in case log; case checked in with your initials. Case must be taken to the office where the next appt is.

  • Do not delete anything in case log.

Duplicating Waxups:

  • Diagnostic waxups: Duplicate and make suck downs. 2 suck downs for all patients needing 4 or more units of restorative work: one with borders added to with bleach block out material and one without.

Implant Inventory:

  • Keep the boxes; implant parts, drivers, and wrenches organized.
  • Ordering: Have impression copings and analogs ready for impression appt at least 1 week before. Check in current inventory first before ordering anything.
  • Organizing: put the implant parts in a Ziploc with patient’s name and put them in "patient’s implant parts" section of the tub
  • Documentation: document in clinical notes or patient appt where the implant parts are located.
  • Always check with me if waxing sleeves will be needed to send to the lab before ordering them.


  • Upload from SD card to laptop
  • Import from laptop to Light Room
  • Edit (crop, flip, fix exposure) in Light Room
  • For a treatment consult, document in consult appt that photos in laptop are edited
  • Camera maintenance: please change batteries as needed. Mirrors: use solution provided to clean them. Put them in warm water before taking photographs to avoid fogging.


  • Ask me when in doubt
  • Always initial your name when documenting anything
  • Respond to my emails promptly
  • Use non-clinical days to remain caught up
  • Break out implant working models to reuse analogs and impressions for plastic inserts on Straumann cases. Please check with me which models and impressions can be broken out and which ones must be kept.

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