QA Tech (2nd)

Job Description

Key responsibilities of the role:

  • Checks and approves batches needed for production through analytical and sensory evaluation.
  • Assists in batch adjustment.
  • Checks and approves filling line after CIP.
  • Performs and documents pre-operation inspections as well as line clearance for operation.
  • Prepares code slips and specification sheets as needed.
  • Checks accuracy of line check equipment like Filtecs, etc.
  • Checks effectiveness and functionality of container rinsers.
  • Checks the functionality of the cooling tunnel and water quality.
  • Verifies code profile on main and secondary packaging.
  • Monitors and records process parameters during production. (e.g. process chart recordings, inversion time, cap shell temperature, pasteurization/divert temperature, product splashing at transfer, cap torque, pull-ups, conductivity/dye test, flow rate, hydrogen peroxide check, straw rejection, pull tab rejector, process water check, air blower check, ionizer check, air knives check, cooler exit temperature, cooler entrance temperature, security, UPC sticker, UPC rejector, printer film, Chlorine/Bromine check, dataLogger, daily mold prevention check, can pressure, oxygen headspace, case packer shrink-wrap film, multipacker shrink-wrap check, pallet/pad/slip sheet check, card check, board check, laminate check, strip lot number and expiration date, placard)
  • Monitors all quality attributes as set forth by the customers.
  • Pulls customers specific retain samples and documents samples for lab analysis at the beginning and end of each shift and as needed including trial samples (e.g. in-process, finished goods, etc.), ATP testing microbiological swabs of environment, after equipment is cleaned and sanitized
  • Prepare and send samples to customers as needed.
  • Inspect and process returns from customer.
  • Put away and organize retain samples.
  • Comply with GMPs, GDPs, as well as Employee Safety Program and reinforce with production employees.
  • Stops the production line when there is a serious food safety and quality issues.
  • Maintains QA department records (e.g. releases, holds, etc.).
  • Issue QA Disposition Forms for on-HOLD items as needed.
  • Update and distribute QA Disposition as needed.
  • Quarantines products when there are food safety and quality issues.
  • Records all gathered data on a standard QA form.
  • Performs package teardown as required by the customer.

Assists in tracking down substandard products.

  • Prepares necessary chemicals for testing and maintains logs.
  • Monitors cleaning process of production equipment (CIP).
  • Cleans work area daily especially at the end of his/her shift and lab equipment after each use.
  • Performs and documents pre-operation inspections and line clearance for operation.
  • Rejects equipment as well as materials (e.g. ingredients, in-process, finished goods, etc.) that are out of specifications.
  • Perform stability studies of finished product and keep proper documentation as needed.
  • Maintain and organize the laboratory.
  • Approves or rejects items being reworked.
  • Maintains carts, lab station (e.g. cleanliness, stocked with supplies such as functioning equipment, cups, paper towels, wipes, etc.)
  • Assists in foreign matter program (e.g. verifies equipment is functional such as filter, magnet, metal detector, etc.).
  • Performs label verifications.
  • Supports production in keeping area in clean and sanitary condition.
  • Provides support to the QA Lead, QA Supervisor, QA Manager, and members of Production, Sanitation, Maintenance, and Supply Chain departments.
  • Assists with filing completed QA documents.
  • Assists with conducting root cause analysis / investigations.
  • Assists with orders for food safety system support (GMPs, sanitation color coding system).
  • Rejects equipment as well as materials (e.g. in-process, finished goods, etc.) that are out of specifications.
  • Assists in auditing GMPs, procedures and fills out paperwork enter in INFINITY database (e.g. Brix, fill weight checks, pH, batch sheets, internal audits, glass brittle plastic review, etc.).
  • Submits reports at end of his/her shift.
  • Assists in daily lab equipment maintenance and calibrations (e.g. pH meter, refractometer, weigh scale, etc.).
  • Conducts routine sample analysis using laboratory techniques and GLPs including record keeping.
  • Perform routine lab analysis on incoming raw ingredients per the COA, work in process and finished products according to specifications (e.g. Brix, pH, fill weight, titratable acidity, Vitamin C, dissolved solids, calcium, turbidity, nitrogen headspace check, fill temperature, filler bowl temperature, fill height)
  • Reports food safety and quality problems to Plant Management and SQFP to initiate action.

Competences and skills:

  • 6 months of manufacturing experience preferred in the operation of high-speed production machinery and monitoring of product quality.
  • Proven experience with best practices and quality, with a strong maintenance background.
  • Must be able to read and comprehend operating manuals and precisely follow oral and written instructions. Must be physically capable of lifting up to 50 pounds consistently throughout an entire shift.
  • Able to get along with others and work in a team environment.
  • Flexible for all shifts.
  • Must be able to speak, read and write English
  • Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Science or Biology is preferred.

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